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Current Issue

AeroSafety World in Chinese

AeroSafety World September 2011 Chinese Edition Cover

Chinese translations of AeroSafety World issues are available.

Thanks to a cooperation agreement between Flight Safety Foundation, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) and some volunteers from Xiamen Airlines, this valuable aviation safety information is being made available to a larger universe of users in recognition of the neutral nature of the most effective air safety work.

The initial translation effort on AeroSafety World was the sole product of the team of the volunteers from Xiamen Airlines. Their enthusiasm for the information found in the magazine inspired this effort to share the publication with the large and quickly growing Chinese aviation industry, in which English language skills are in early development.

This early high quality work attracted the attention of CAAC, which decided to throw its influence and resources behind the effort. In addition to aiding in the translation and composition of the publication, CAAC also will help distribute the publication throughout the Chinese aviation industry, even in printed form.

Translating every word in a 64-page magazine and producing new layouts to fit the original space of the English version is a major challenge. Flight Safety Foundation is grateful for the support of the CAAC, and for the initiative of the team of the volunteers in beginning the process. We look forward to many years of vigorous collaboration.

Available Issues of AeroSafety World in Chinese

AeroSafety World April 2012 in Chinese 68 pages. [PDF 7.4]

AeroSafety World March 2012 in Chinese 68 pages. [PDF 7.2M]

AeroSafety World February 2012 in Chinese 68 pages. [PDF 7.9 M]

AeroSafety World December 2011–January 2012 Chinese 68 pages. [PDF 7.3]

AeroSafety World November 2011 Chinese 68 pages. [PDF 6.8M]

AeroSafety World October 2011 Chinese 68 pages. [PDF 7.5M]

AeroSafety World September 2011 (Chinese) 76 pages. [PDF 10.3M]

AeroSafety World July–August 2011 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 6.4M]

AeroSafety World June 2011 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 6.0M]

AeroSafety World May 2011 (Chinese) 68 pagers. [PDF 7.4M]

AeroSafety World April 2011 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 6.2M]

AeroSafety World March 2011 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 5.3M]

AeroSafety World February 2011 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.6M]

AeroSafety World December 2010–January 2011 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 5.2M]

AeroSafety World November 2010 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 6.5M]

AeroSafety World October 2010 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.8M]

AeroSafety World September 2010 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 7.7M]

AeroSafety World August 2010 (Chinese) 68 pages [PDF 5.8M]

AeroSafety World July 2010 (Chinese) 68 pages [PDF 5.6M]

AeroSafety World May 2009 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 7.3M]

AeroSafety World April 2009 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.77M]

AeroSafety World March 2009 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 32.1M]

AeroSafety World February 2009 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 5.3M]

AeroSafety World January 2009 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.8M]

AeroSafety World December 2008 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.8M]

AeroSafety World November 2008 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.7M]

AeroSafety World October 2008 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 3.4M]

AeroSafety World September 2008 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 3.4M]

AeroSafety World August 2008 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 3.54M]

AeroSafety World June 2008 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.8M]

AeroSafety World December 2007 (Chinese) 68 pages. [PDF 4.12M]

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