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November 2015, Vol. 10, Issue 9

Embracing ICAO’s approaches to collaborative risk mitigation, Pan American states and airlines mark six years of advances.
Embracing ICAO’s approaches to collaborative risk mitigation, Pan American states and airlines mark six years of advances.
Causal factors
U.K. AAIB cites maintenance human factors after Airbus A319 fan cowling doors detach during takeoff.
FAA maintenance inspectors will be trained to favor well-reasoned risk mitigations, if possible, instead of grounding aircraft fleets.
The FAA has proposed its largest civil penalty ever against a UAS operator accused of unauthorized operations in congested airspace.
Aeromedical group endorses sleep apnea screening for the most obese pilots.
There is no "Air Mail" article for this issue.

NOVEMBER 2–4 — 68th annual International Air Safety Summit.

NOVEMBER 2–4 — ATAC 81st Annual General Meeting and Tradeshow.

NOVEMBER 3–4 — AACO Technical Forum 2015

President's Message
In October, Flight Safety Foundation relaunched the aviation Newsmaker Breakfast, a concept...
Editorial Page
As I write this editorial, I’m sitting in a hotel room near Georgetown, Guyana. Earlier today...
Foundation Focus
During the early days of aviation, aircraft accidents were investigated using mainly records of the...
Data Link
Western-built commercial jets were involved in 29 accidents in 2014, down from 31 the previous year...
On Record
The following information provides an awareness of problems that might be avoided in the future....