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Aviation Week & Space Technology Distinguished Service Award

FSF Cecil A. Brownlow Publication Award

First presented in 1968 as the FSF Publication Award, the award was renamed in 1988 in memory of Cecil A. Brownlow, a veteran newspaper, wire service and magazine journalist who was the FSF editor of publications from 1981 until shortly before his death in 1988 at age 61.

The award recognizes significant contributions by journalists to aviation safety awareness. Candidates for the prestigious award may be individuals, publications or organizations. Nominations may be for long-term achievement or for outstanding articles, books or works in electronic media published or broadcast in a 12-month period.

The recipient of the award, sponsored by IHS, will receive $1,000; a hand-lettered citation; and transportation to the 2015 Aerospace Media Dinner, the award venue.

Nominations of individuals or organizations, including a detailed description (400 words or fewer) of the nominee’s achievements, may be made using the online nomination form (link below) or sent to Frank Jackman, director of publications and editor-in-chief AeroSafety World magazine, Flight Safety Foundation, 801 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314-1774 USA. Nominations  must be accompanied by representative hard-copy, CD or DVD samples of the nominee’s work whenever possible, sent to the address above. Electronic submissions may be sent to jackman@flightsafety.org and must include the nomination form and a direct link or PDF of the nominee's work being considered. An independent board will consider the nominations that in its judgment meet the award criteria.

The nominating deadline is April 24, 2015. The award will be presented at the 2015 Aerospace Media Dinner, incorporating the 2015 Aerospace Media Awards, which will take place in Paris on June 14, 2015, the eve of the Paris Air Show.

2015 Cecil A. Brownlow Publication Award Nomination Form [MSWord 29 KB] 

Recipients of the Flight Safety Foundation
Cecil A. Brownlow Publication Award
2014 Waiting To Happen: The Tragedy of Air India Express Flight IX812; Capt. Samir Kohli
2013 FAA Safety Briefing; U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
2012 Alan Bradbury, Korusafe, the flight safety magazine of Air New Zealand
2011 Andy Pasztor,The Wall Street Journal
2010 Flight Safety Australia, Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia
2009 HindSight, Eurocontrol
2008 David Learmount, Flight Group
2007 SkySafety21, Korean Air
2006 Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun
2005 Alan Levin and Robert Davis, USA Today;
Aer Safety, Aer Lingus
2004 Ames Alexander, Elizabeth Leland, Ted Mellnik and Ted Reed, The Charlotte Observer
2003 Australian Transport Safety Bureau
2002 David Evans, Air Safety Week
2001 Gary Stoller, USA Today
2000 TAM Safety Digest, TAM Brazilian Airlines
1999 Richard N. Aarons, Business & Commercial Aviation;
Safety On Line, US Airways Corporate Safety Department
1998 Stanley R. Mohler, M.D. M.A., Wright State University School of Medicine
1997 Aeromedical Education Division, Civil Aeromedical Institute Office of Aviation Medicine, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
Elizabeth A. Marchak, The Plain Dealer
1996 EVA Air, Safety;
Don Phillips, The Washington Post
1995 ASRS Directline (U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Aviation Safety Reporting System);
Jerry Hannifin, Time
1994 Air Safety Week
1993 British Airways Safety Information System (BASIS)
1992 Flywise; LTU Süd, Flight Safety Report
1991 Flight lnternational
1990 Thai Airways, Flight Safety Information
1989 Olympic Airways, Olympic Safety Revlew
1988 USAir, Flight Crew View
1987 Australian Department of Aviation, Aviation Safety Digest;
British Airways, Air Safety Review
1986 Japan Air Lines, Flight Safety;
New Zealand Civil Aviation Division, Flight Safety;
Transport Canada, Aviation Safety Programs Branch, Aviation Safety Letter
1985 Ansett Airlines, Crewman; Technical Information Program (TIP)
1984 All Nippon Airways;
U.K. Flight Safety Committee, Flight Safety Focus
1983 American Airlines, AA Maintenance Newsletter;
Trans Australia Airlines, Quarterly Summary of Accidents and Incidents
1982 Douglas B. Feaver, The Washington Post;
Gulf Air, Flight Safety Review
1981 Singapore Air Lines, Flight Safety Review;
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
1980 The Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden;
Eastern Air Lines, Flight Line
1979 KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines, Plane Facts;
U.S. Navy, Naval Safety Center, Approach
1978 Gerard M. Bruggink, deputy director, Bureau of Accident Investigation, U.S. National Transportation Safety Board; William L. Donovan, Flight Operations; Michael E. Long, National Geographic; Capt. Fran Wallace, Pan American World Airways, Crosscheck
1977 Cathay Pacific Airways, KaiTalk Flight Operations Advisory Bulletins; J.M. Ramsden, The Safe Airline; U.S. Air Force Inspection and Safety Center
1976 Airwork, Turbine Update; U.S. National Transportation Safety Board
1975 Shell Aviation News; Richard Witkin, New York Times
1974 Douglas Aircraft Co., McDonnell Douglas Corp., Flight Approach and Flight Crew Newsletter; Flight lnternational
1973 Dr. George J. Kidera, Angels Can Do No More; United Airlines; U.S. Military Airlift Command, The MAC Flyer
1972 Department of Civil Aviation, Australia, Aviation Safety Digest; The Air Line Pilot
1971 Capt. Robert N. Buck, Weather Flying; D.P. Davies, Air Registration Board, Handling the Big Jets; Thomas G. Foxworth and Harold F. Marthinsen, Accelerate ... Stop
1970 British Overseas Airways Corp., Air Safety Review; Jerry V. Tobias, Ph.D., U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1969 Frank J. Clifford, FAA Aviation News; Thomas G. Foxworth, Air Line Pilot
1968 Pakistan International Airlines, Air Safety


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