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Thank you to everyone who participated in the first three parts of our GSIP webinar series. Sign up now for the final webinar, scheduled for Aug. 24/25.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Webinars -Discussions with Industry” to find the registration links.

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Industry knowledge about safety comes from many places

The aviation industry has long been known for learning lessons from its own mistakes.  Today, consolidating numerous forms of  safety data so that they are useful and actionable takes a great deal of effort.  With our GSIP toolkits, we are working to describe the most effective ways of gathering, analyzing, sharing and protecting safety data and information.

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Our toolkits are still being developed.  Making these toolkits practical comes from knowing how today’s methods work.  Sign up for one of the remaining webinars to discuss with us.

Part 1 – May 16/17 FSF Presentation Recording Participant Discussion Recording
Part 2 – Jun 27/28 FSF Presentation Recording Participant Discussion Recording
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Jul 25, Aug 24

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Jul 26, Aug 25

Four different 90 minute webinars are being hosted on the above dates at two different time slots.  The identical content is covered for Pan American convenience and Asia Pacific convenience.  Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is displayed yet GoToWebinar converts to your local time zone when you register.  A single registration will enter you into all remaining webinars. Webinar Recordings are available for past events.