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Thank you for your membership support. One of your member benefits is complete, instant access to key industry information articles, Foundation news, seminar proceedings and projects that will be useful to you and your daily operations.  To give you the information you want when you need it, we have improved our digital presence, giving you a better membership experience. You’ll also find that we’re expanding our news and information offerings. Many items on this page as well as throughout the entire website are only available for members only.

AeroSafety World has evolved into an online presence that better reflects the aviation industry’s need for up-to-date, in-depth news and information. Members have full access, 24/7, to its contents. The all-new and fully responsive FSF website is designed to be a destination portal for all matters pertaining to aviation safety, including FSF-generated material and other safety-related content from trusted sources.

The new enhanced, all-digital AeroSafety World features more safety news and information in a mobile friendly format.  Shifting to an online format enhances readability on the go, allowing for the posting of more timely aviation safety articles, as well as the incorporation of video and other multimedia elements where possible

The AeroSafety World mobile app enables you to access  the ASW archive on your favorite device. The app, designed for Apple iOS and Google Android devices, facilitates additional readership on smartphones and tablets, which research shows is how more and more aviation industry media is consumed 

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As a member of the Flight Safety Foundation, your improved digital experience allows you to communicate with other members in a community forum. When you sign in with your password, you will land on the community page.  You will see a list of topics in the drop down box at the top left corner, to which you can post comments, ask questions, provide responses, etc. You will be able to customize your preferences as to how you wish to view and receive responses. (In the future, this section will also be used for each of the Foundation committees to discuss committee business affairs in a closed-group forum.)

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