Errant iPad

An electronic tablet became stuck beneath a control pedal, leading to the loss of control of a Chinook firefighting helicopter and a fatal crash.

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Unstable and Unrecognized

The DHC-8 bounced on touchdown at an airport in northern Canada; the first officer planned to go around, but the captain intervened after realizing the fuselage was damaged.

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Safety News

The FAA wants to hold public charter flights to the same safety standards as non-public charters.

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Constant Vigilance is Key to Safety

The Foundation’s recently released 2023 Safety Report reveals that 2023 was one of the safest years on record for commercial airline operations. Data from the ...

Opinion: Building a Team

Study shows that the ‘boomerang effect’ and other facets of the pilot profile can complicate implementation of aviation safety initiatives.


Managing COVID-19: Aviation Medical Community
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