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Any Aircraft Operator (AO) intending to join the BARS Program shall submit a registration application form to the BARS Program Office (BPO) via the FSF website. Ideally this application should be made 70 days prior to, but no later than 35 days before the intended audit date.

Once the BPO has reviewed and accepted your information to join the Program, a username and password shall be issued. The AO is then able to:

  1. Enter all company details in the relevant tabs on BARSoft;
  2. Create an audit with preferred dates and disciplines to be audited;
  3. Select an AC of their choice; and
  4. Generate a checklist for the intended audit.

Audit Agreements

It is a requirement that an Audit Agreement be executed by the following parties prior to an Audit being conducted:

  • The AO;
  • The Audit Company (AC); and
  • FSF.

The AO is responsible for selecting and appointing an AC to perform its Audit. This selection and appointment process is at the full discretion of the AO.

The AO will be required to pay FSF an agreed fixed audit fee for an Audit. This fee and its payment terms will be set out in the Audit Agreement.

The AO will be required to pay the AC any agreed variable fees associated with the conduct of the Audit, including but not limited to Auditor travel and accommodation charges, living expenses or per diems, and any other agreed fees for Audit service delivery. These fees and their payment terms will be set out in the Audit Agreement as an appendix.

The AC is responsible for negotiating the terms and agreement of their appointment and for preparing the Audit Agreement from the current version of the template provided by the BPO and available for downloading from BARSoft.

Three hard copies of the Audit Agreement must each be signed by the AO and returned to the selected AC. Electronic signatures are not acceptable. Once signed, these documents must be forwarded by the AC, preferably by courier, to the BPO for review and signing by FSF, in an acceptable form.

The Audit Agreement must be received by the BPO preferably 70 days, but no later than 35 days, prior to the scheduled Opening Meeting of an Audit. Any agreements received later than 35 days prior to the Opening Meeting may require the Audit dates to be re-scheduled.

Upon receipt of a signed Audit Agreement, including schedules and any attachments, a representative of the BPO shall review the documents to ensure the content meets all current Program requirements:

  • Any issues relating to the agreement documents will be forwarded in writing to the AC’s nominated representative for corrective action;
  • Acceptable corrections, including but not limited to re-issuing of a revised Audit Agreement, must be received by the BPO no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled Opening Meeting; and
  • Any corrections received later than 14 days prior to the Opening Meeting will require the Audit dates to be re-scheduled accordingly.

Once the content of the Audit Agreement is deemed satisfactory, an authorized representative of the BPO shall counter-sign and distribute the three copies as follows:

  • One copy will be sent to the AO;
  • One copy will be sent to the AC; and
  • One copy will be retained on file by the BPO.

The BPO will:

Send an email notification to the AO and AC to confirm dispatch of the final signed Audit Agreements; and

Issue an invoice for the cost of the audit which is to be paid by the AO within 14 days.

Should an AO not provide payment to the FSF in accordance with the Audit Agreement, the BPO shall provide written advice to the AC and AO that the Audit should be delayed/re-scheduled until such payment is received by FSF.

The AC is responsible for setting its own policy regarding actions to be taken in the event that an AO fails to pay fees as set out in the Audit Agreement.

FSF will pay the AC as set out in the Audit Agreement, after the payment has been received from the AO.

Note:All BMO's (BARS Member Organizations/Resource Sector Companies/Contracting Companies utilizing BARS accredited AOs) expect that the fees payable by them to AOs from whom they procure services will include a component for reimbursement of Audit costs. Hence, AOs are encouraged to negotiate directly with their individual BMO clients to agree to the terms for this reimbursement of costs.

In the event of the audit process exceeding the assigned duration of the audit, both the AO and AC are required to negotiate, amongst themselves, any additional costs to the audit.

The annual cost of issuing licenses to Aircraft Operators for access to BARSoft has been recovered by the BPO through the fixed audit fee portion payable to the Foundation. A review of this system has revealed that not all Aircraft Operators progress to the audit stage, consequently an annual license fee has been absorbed by the BPO. In order to overcome this shortfall, an Aircraft Operator who registers to undergo an audit will be invoiced for the amount of USD $250 prior to the BPO issuing them with a username and password. This amount will generally only be payable for the initial registration, provided the Aircraft Operator maintains their current registration status.


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