Audit Review Meeting (ARM)

Communication with our stakeholders is key and every six months, the participating Audit Companies are invited to attend the Audit review Meeting to discuss the operational aspects of the Audit element of the BARS program. The auditors and Audit Companies are the eyes and ears of the Program with their interaction with the Aircraft Operators. The ARM is also the opportunity for the BARS Program Office to provide feedback on new Program initiatives and developments directly to the Audit Companies. The ARM is held twice a year, once in Australia and once in an international location- co-located with the TAC Meeting.

ARM15 in Brisbane, 2018

The 15th Audit Review Meeting discussed major topics affecting the Program; Reviews of Data and statistics and BARS Notifications, as well as QC, QA and Training updates.

The ARM gives the BARS Program Office and the Audit companies a chance to exchange ideas and provide feedback. Everyone involved within the meeting gave feedback that they feel benefit from this interaction.

The next ARM will be held in conjunction with the IASS in November 2018. This is to be held in Seattle, USA.