Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been functioning since 2009 developing the concept of the BARS Bow-tie model of the Standard and providing ongoing input to the contents of the Standard. The TAC is made up of the subscribed BARS member Organizations and the BARS Program Office Management. TAC Meetings are held twice a year, once in Australia and once in an international location. The Open session of the TAC invites other BARS Program stakeholders such as the Audit Company representatives and observers to attend and contribute to the ongoing Program development.

TAC18 in Dublin

TAC18 was held in Oct 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. A lot of material was covered with many of our key stakeholders present from the BARS Member Organizations and some Audit Companies. Discussions and updates of the current operation and future initiatives of the BARS Program were at the forefront and we welcomed Morgan Lamb of Freeport McMoran as the new co-chair of this very important committee alongside Deon Tucker of Rio Tinto as the other co-chair.

Cameron Ross of BHP has been chair/co-chair of the TAC since the BARS Program commenced and has guided the TAC through its development to the efficient and effective committee it is today. The Program office presented Cameron Ross with a reward for his exceptional service and generous contribution within this position. Cameron’s work with the TAC continues with roles on the many Working Groups the TAC has in operation at present.