Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been functioning since 2009 developing the concept of the BARS Bow-tie model of the Standard and providing ongoing input to the contents of the Standard. The TAC is made up of the subscribed BARS member Organizations and the BARS Program Office Management. TAC Meetings are held twice a year, once in Australia and once in an international location. The Open session of the TAC invites other BARS Program stakeholders such as the Audit Company representatives and observers to attend and contribute to the ongoing Program development.


Prior to a TAC a small format discussion forum is held to highlight topics of relevance to the BARS Member Organizations.

SAVE THE DATE – the next discussion forum is to be held in February 2022.

Date: Wednesday 23 February 2022

Time: 3:00pm AEDT

Topics to include: (more detail to come)

  • RPAS Sim Ops:

The use of RPAS over a large work site is quickly becoming the norm and especially so for the resource, oil & gas and humanitarian sectors. This is in conjunction with the in-place conventional aviation assets meaning deconfliction by means of separation or integration is required. What are the tools available to the contracting company and what are the weaknesses in these controls that other should be aware of.

  • Organizational Culture:

Organizational Culture is well known as a significant influencer on the safety outcomes of the organization. We hear about just culture, learning culture and safety conscious cultures but what are you looking for, how do you define it and how do you know it is not just gloss or spin from management of your contractors and service providers?

  • Airport Emergency Response:

We all know the first few minutes after an accident are critical in saving lives and controlling the situation. We also know it is not economically feasible to have the biggest ER capability for each and every situation where aviation assets are being used. What is the formula or risk calculation used to determine the minimum ER capability for different sites.

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