Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the controlling body of Flight Safety Foundation. The Board comprises up to 35 individuals who have extensive experience in aviation and in other industries around the world. The Board sets the policies of the Foundation, determines its agenda and oversees its overall activities. FSF staff members report through the FSF president to the Board.


Bobbi Wells
Vice President Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
American Airlines

President and CEO

Dr. Hassan Shahidi
Flight Safety Foundation

General Counsel and Secretary

Kenneth P. Quinn
Clyde & Co.


John R. Watret, Ph.D.
Chancellor, ERAU–Worldwide
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Capt. Mark Burtonwood
Senior Vice President, Group Safety
Emirates Group

David Carbon
Vice President/General Manager
Amazon Prime Air

Warren Christie
Chief Operating Officer
JetBlue Airways

Mike J. Gamlin
Manager, Air Safety Investigations

Capt. Shai Gill

Peggy Gilligan
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (retired)

Gretchen Haskins
Board Member, former CEO

Ho Ching-Sheng (Danny C. Ho)
Chief Executive Vice President, Safety and Security
EVA Airways Corp.

Sasha Johnson
Vice President, Corporate Safety
United Airlines

David N. Loffing
Vice President, 777X Chief Program Engineer
The Boeing Co.

Gilberto López Meyer
Senior Vice President, Corporate Aviation Safety and Security
Korean Air



Yannick Malinge
Senior Vice President and Chief Product Safety Officer

Capt. Houston Mills
Vice President Flight Operations and Safety
UPS Airlines

Capt. Irene Koki Mutungi
Pilot, 787 Fleet
Kenya Airways

Alina Nassar
Nassar Abogados Centroamérica

Holger Paulmann
SKY Airline S.A.

Cameron Ross
Head of Aviation

Mario A. Sibrian
Chief, Aviation Safety Unit
World Food Programme

Capt. Peter N. Stein

Tay Tiang Guan
Deputy Director General
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Ex Officio

Capt. Mike Gillen
International Advisory Committee (IAC)

Capt. Pascal Kremer
European Advisory Committee (EAC)

Capt. Dave Belastock
Business Advisory Committee (BAC)

Sean Cassidy
Autonomous and Remotely Piloted Aviation Capabilities Advisory Committee (ARPAC)