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Aviation Week & Space Technology Distinguished Service Award
Airport Safety Award

Admiral Luis de Florez Flight Safety Award

This award, presented since 1966, recognizes “outstanding individual contributions to aviation safety, through basic design, device or practice.”

A retired U.S. Navy admiral and a Foundation president in the mid-1950s, de Florez was influential in the development of early flight simulators. He received the 1943 Collier Trophy — one of the most prestigious awards for aeronautical achievement in the United States — for his work in training pilots and flight crews. De Florez established a trust to support the award that carries his name and to provide each recipient with $1,000. The award includes a hand-lettered citation.

If you would like to place a nomination for this prestigious award, please submit a page or two of documentation along with the nominee’s name and contact information. Indicate the reasons why the nominee is worthy of the Award, his or her accomplishments and any previous recognition received. Please include your name, contact information and be sure to provide an email address.

This award has been discontinued as of 2011.

Recipients of the
Admiral Luis de Florez Flight Safety Award
2010 No award
2009 No award
2008 No award
2007 William L. McNease and Gerald Pilj, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
2006 J. Kenneth Higgins, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
2005 Alan Klapmeier
2004 Thomas J. Yager
2003 Capt. Paul A. Woodburn
2002 Scott Shappell, Ph.D., Civil Aerospace Medical Institute U.S. Federal Aviation Administration; Douglas Wiegmann, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
2001 Capt. Warren Vanderburgh, American Airlines Flight Academy
2000 Thomas Imrich, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1999 Ivan Efremovich Mashkivsky, Flight Safety Foundation International, Moscow
1998 Donald Bateman, AlliedSignal
1997 Capt. K. Scott Griffith, American Airlines;
Edward D. Mendenhall, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
1996 No award
1995 Capt. Chester L. Ekstrand, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
1994 No award
1993 Richard Milton
1992 John McCarthy, U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research
1991 John J. Neligan, American Airlines
1990 Peter L. Gallimore, Lester G. Lautman and Richard L. Sears, all with The Boeing Co.
1989 Felix L. Pitts, U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Langley Research Center
1988 Richard G. Hill
1987 Huey D. Carden
1986 Sidney B. Pickles
1985 Richard F. Chandler
1984 Richard S. Bray
1983 J.R. Sturgeon, U.K. Royal Aircraft Establishment
1982 Capt. John X. Stefanki, Air Line Pilots Association, International
1981 Richard Gerald Snyder, Ph.D., University of Michigan
1980 Gunnar Antvik (retired), Board of Civil Aviation, Sweden
1979 David Johnson, U.K. Royal Aircraft Establishment
1978 J. Anderson Plumer, Lightning Technologies
1977 Dr. T. Theodore Fujita, University of Chicago
1976 Daniel F. Sowa, Northwest Airlines
1975 C.D. (Don) Bateman, Sundstrand Data Control
1974 Kenneth B. Olsen, American Airlines
1973 No award
1972 Dr. John T. Dailey, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1971 No award
1970 Capt. Victor Hewes, Air Line Pilots Association, International
1969 Douglas Moreton; S. Harry Robertson, AvSer
1968 No award
1967 Franklin W. Kolk, American Airlines; Don Mitchell, Piper Aircraft Corp.
1966 George Cooper, U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration