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Aviation Week & Space Technology Distinguished Service Award

Aviation Week & Space Technology Distinguished Service Award

The Aviation Week & Space Technology Distinguished Service Award — the oldest of the Foundation’s awards — has been sponsored since 1949 by Aviation Week & Space Technology and is administered by the Foundation.

The award is presented every other year for “distinguished service in achieving safer utilization of aircraft.” It was the brainchild of Jerry Lederer, the founder of Flight Safety Foundation and a pioneer in aviation safety, who saw a need for an award to honor the people and organizations responsible for major advances in aviation safety. The award includes a hand-lettered citation.

If you would like to place a nomination for this prestigious award, please submit a page or two of documentation along with the nominee’s name and contact information. Indicate the reasons why the nominee is worthy of the Award, his or her accomplishments and any previous recognition received. Please include your name, contact information and be sure to provide an email address. The Award will be presented in the Fall of 2015.


2013 H. E. Saif Mohammed Al Sawaidi, United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority
2012 Jay Pardee, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
2011 No award
2010 No award
2009 Civil Aviation Administration of China
2008 Capt. Dave Carbaugh, The Boeing Co.
2007 Jean Pinet, Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace
2006 No award
2005 John R. Hallinan, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Alaskan Region
2004 John E. O’Brien, Air Line Pilots Association, International
2003 Dr. Tony Kern, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
2002 Capt. Akrivos Tsolakis, Hellenic Republic National Aviation Safety Board
2001 Capt. Yun-Ling Lee, China Airlines
2000 Capt. Daniel E. Maurino, International Civil Aviation Organization
1999 Capt. Mike Holtom, British Airways
1998 Ronald M. McGregor, U.S. Air Force Safety Center
1997 Don Bateman, AlliedSignal Aerospace
1996 Anthony J. Broderick, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1995 Capt. James C. Waugh (retired), Pan American World Airways
1994 Robert L. Helmreich, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin;
Dennis A. Nollen, Ph.D., DuPont Advanced Material Systems
1993 William W. Melvin, Air Line Pilots Association, International
1992 Ronald Ashford, U.K. Civil Aviation Authority;
M. Craig Beard, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1991 Charles R. Higgins, The Boeing Co.
1990 Tirey K. Vickers
1989 Capt. Hidemaro Nagano, Japan Air Lines
1988 Capt. L. Homer Mouden
1987 John K. Lauber, U.S. National Transportation Safety Board
1986 Harold D. Hoekstra (retired), U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1985 Capt. David A. Simmon, United Airlines
1984 Paul R. Powers, Bell Helicopter Textron lnc.
1983 Fredrick B. McIntosh (retired), National Business Aircraft Association
1982 Walter S. Luffsey, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1981 Capt. B. Victor Hewes, Delta Air Lines
1980 Richard Aarons, Business and Commercial Aviation
1979 Charles Billings, M.D., U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ames Research Center
1978 W.P. Rollings, Bell Helicopter Textron
1977 Dr. T. Theodore Fujita, University of Chicago
1976 Joseph Tymczyszyn, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
1975 George Wansbeek, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1974 General Aviation Manufacturers Association and its Safe Pilot Program
1973 Ralph Nelson, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
1972 Joseph M. Chase; Capt. Emil E. Glanz, Capt. Thomas Oakes and Capt. Charles R. Tennstedt, Eastern Air Lines
1971 A. W. (Tony) LeVier; Charles O. Miller, Director, Bureau of Aviation Safety, U.S. National Transportation Safety Board
1970 Air Transport Association; National Business Aircraft Association;
Dr. Matthew Radnofsky, U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Manned Space Center
1969 Dr. Charles L. Elworth and Dr. Conrad L. Kraft, The Boeing Co.
1968 Walter B. Horne, U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Willard G. Plentl, Virginia State Division of Aeronautics
1967 James Campbell and U.S. Federal Aviation Agency; Herbert Fisher, Port of New York Authority; Jerome Lederer, Flight Safety Foundation; Dr. Clifford Seitz, Grumman Aircraft; technical staff of Trans World Airlines
1966 William A. Patterson, United Airlines; Bureau of Safety, U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board; Capt. J. D. Smith, United Airlines; Technical Staff of International Civil Aviation Organization
1965 John Gibbs (posthumously), British European Airways; Ray D. Kelly, United Airlines; Transatlantic Air Traffic Controllers (U.S., British, Canadian); Frank White, Air Transport Association of America
1964 Capt. John B. Clark, American Airlines, and Paul A. Soderlind, Northwest Airlines; Jack Eggspuehler, Ohio State University and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Foundation; U.S. Army Helicopter Primary School; P.B. Walker, U.K. Royal Aircraft Establishment
1963 Capt. Carl M. Christenson, United Airlines; personnel manning ocean station vessels; John J. Swearingen, U.S. Federal Aviation Agency Civil Aeromedical Research Institute
1962 Maj. Gen. John D. Caldara, U.S. Air Force; Donald W. Douglas Sr.; Dr. John C. Lane; Capt. Sam P. Saint, American Airlines
1961 Air Line Pilots Association; British European Airways; Dr. A. C. Bryan, Royal Canadian Air Force; Newton A. Lieurance, U.S. Weather Bureau
1960 Bo Lundberg, Aeronautical Institute of Sweden; Richard Rhoed, U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
1959 J.B. Bartow; Henry Harrison, United Airlines; Dr. Walter Tye, U.K. Air Registration Board
1958 A. Howard Hasbrook; Edwin A. Link; Otto E. Kirchner; University of Southern California; U.S. Coast Guard
1957 Gen. E. P. Curtis, U.S. Air Force; George H. Tryon III
1956 Melvin N. Gough; Arthur E. Jenks; William Littlewood; Dr. Edward P. Warner
1955 Dr. Barry King, U.K. Civil Aviation Authority, Medical Division; Stanislaw Krzyczkowski, International Air Transport Association; Francis Moseley
1954 Lt. Col. J. P. Stapp, U.S. Army; Technical Development and Evaluation Center, U.K. Civil Aviation Authority and Harvey Hansberry; United Airlines
1953 M.G. Beard and Committee S-7 of the Society of Automotive Engineers; Dr. Ross A. McFarland; National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and I. Irving Pinkel
1952 Capt. P.Q. Cooquyt; Directorate of Flight Safety Research, U.S. Air Force; John E. Lindberg Jr., Pan American World Airways; Republic Aviation Corp. and William I. Stieglitz; Sperry Gyroscope Co.
1951 E. S. Calvert, U.K. Royal Aircraft Establishment.; Capt. E. A. Cuttrell, American Airlines; Capt. John Gill, Eastern Air Lines; Dr. Ross Gunn
1950 Capt. Robert Baker and crew, American Airlines; Capt. Ian R. Harvey and crew, British Overseas Airways Corp.; Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission
1949 American Airlines and United Airlines; Leonard M. Greene; Hugh De Haven


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