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Functional Check Flight (FCF) Symposium Presentations

Hosted by Flight Safety Foundation

Sponsored by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer

February 8–9, 2011

The Westin Bayshore,
Vancouver, Canada

Some recent accidents and incidents have highlighted the higher risk associated with conducting functional check flights. This symposium will provide a forum to discuss the challenges and best practices related to functional check flights. Aircraft manufacturers, regulators, and operators will discuss the challenges to be addressed and current best practices for conducting functional check flights. Hear aircraft manufacturers discuss items to consider in conducting functional check flights. Hear regulators from the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Brazil discuss their views and current and potential regulations addressing functional check flights. Finally, hear operators discuss the current best practices they use in conducting functional check flights.

Final Agenda [PDF 2 pages. 403K]

Functional Check Flight (FCF) Symposium Final Presentations

Symposium Opening [PDF 4 pages. 27K]
James M. Burin, director of technical programs, Flight Safety Foundation

Keynote Address [PDF 18 pages. 37K]
Capt. David Morgan, chief pilot and general manager, Air New Zealand

Boeing’s Perspective on FCF Risk Mitigation [PPT 1.6M]
Capt. Gary Meiser, chief pilot, production flight test, Boeing Test and Evaluation

Airbus Perspective [PPT 2.0M]
Harry Nelson, experimental test pilot; and Jean Michel Roy, test pilot, Airbus S.A.S.

Be Prepared – Check Flights and Aircraft Upsets [PDF 14 pages. 57K]
Harry Nelson, experimental test pilot, Airbus S.A.S.

Bombardier Perspective [PPT 1.2M]
André Tousignant, director, Air Safety Investigation Office, Bombardier Aerospace

Embraer Perspective [PPT 5.9M]
Capt. João Braile, Embraer 170/E145 production flight test pilot coordinator; and Eng. Fabrizio Sabioni, Embraer 170/E145 production flight test engineer coordinator

EASA Perspective [PPT 1.1M]
Didier Nicolle, flight test pilot, EASA

ANAC Presentation [PPT 432K]
Capt. Homero Montandon, flight test pilot, ANAC–National Civil Aviation Agency, Brazil

Transport Canada Presentation [PPT 1.0M]
Walter Istchenko, chief of flight test, Transport Canada

American Airlines Perspective [PPT 3.1M]
Delvin Young, chief pilot, flight test, American Airlines

United Airlines Perspective [PPT 545.5K]
Sel Laughter, manager, flight test, United Airlines

easyJet Perspective [PPT 4.9M]
Capt. Glenn Bradley, air ops check flight manager, easyJet

Cathay Pacific Airlines Perspective [PPT 756K]
Steve Smith, manager flight technical services, Cathay Pacific Airlines

Spanair Perspective [PPT 6.2M]
Emilio Ranz, chief, flight test department, Spanair

Summary of Symposium [PDF 1 page. 11K]
James M. Burin, director of technical programs, Flight Safety Foundation

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