Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


Mr. Steve Dickson, Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


Mr. Eamonn Brennan, Director General, EUROCONTROL


Mr. Subhas Menon, Director General, Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA)


Ms. Kathy Fox, Chair, Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)

Featured Speaker

Mr. Salvatore Sciacchitano, 
Council President, 
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


Mr. Ali Bahrami, Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Ms. Montserrat Barriga, 
Director General, European Regions Airline Association (ERA)

Mr. Tzvetomir Blajev,
Regional Director, Flight Safety Foundation

Capt.. Mark Burtonwood, FSF International Advisory Committee Member, and SVP Group Safety, Emirates Airline

Dr. Joan Cahill, Research Fellow and Principal Investigator, Trinity College Dublin

Mr. Nicholas E. Calio,
President and CEO, Airlines for America (A4A)

Dr. Lin H. Chen, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School – Director, Travel Medicine Center, Mount Auburn Hospital – President, International Society of Travel Medicine

Mr. Steve Creamer, Director of the Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Capt. Paul Cullen, Research Associate, Trinity College Dublin

Capt. Helena Cunningham, Director, SMS, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) International

Capt. Bill Curtis, Flight Safety Foundation International Advisory Committee Member, and Head of Aviation, Presage Group

Dr. Nicklas Dahlstrom, Human Factors Manager, Emirates Airline

Mr. Alexandre de Juniac, Director General and CEO, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Dr. Sara de la Rosa, Associate, UAS Strategy and Policy, Outsight International

Mr. Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General, Airports Council International (ACI)

Dr. Philippe de Saint-Georges, Air Operations Back Office, Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)

Mr. Stan Drozdowski, Senior ACAS Expert EUROCONTROL

Mr. Gareth Lloyd Evans, Manager, Flight Operations Risk, Emirates Airline

Mr. Bruno Fargeon, Project Lead, Keep Trust in Air Travel, Airbus

Mr. Andreas Flaig, Member, FSF Board of Governors , and Vice President, Corporate Safety and Compliance Monitoring, Lufthansa

Capt. Mike Gillen, Vice Chair, Flight Safety Foundation International Advisory Committee, and Senior Manager, Fleet Standards B-737, United Airlines

Mr. Jo Gillespie, Safety and Regulatory Advisor, World Food Programme (WFP)

Ms. Peggy Gilligan,
Member, Flight Safety Foundation Board of Governors

Dr. Davidson Hamer, Professor, Global Health, Boston University School of Public Health

Mr. David Heald, Regional Sales Director, Runway Safe Group

Mr. Christoph Hera, Safety Data Science Officer, CargoLux Airlines

Mr. Simon Hocquard, Director General, Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO)

Dr. Jon Holbrook, Research Scientist, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Mr Gabriel Jarry, Research Engineer, DGAC, Ph.D. Candidate, ENAC

Dr. Bill Johnson, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, Maintenance Human Factors, FAA

Mr. Tautvydas Juskauskas, Drone Specialist Supply Chain Strengthening Centre, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

Dr. Kylie Key, Engineering Research Psychologist, FAA

Capt. James Kwasny, LOSA Program Coordinator, Allied Pilots Association, American Airlines

Ms. Faye Malarkey Black, President and CEO, Regional Airline Association (RAA)

Mr. Patrick McKay, UAS Focal point Southern Africa and TEC-F UAS Team, World Food Programme (WFP)

Capt. Paul Morell, Director of Business Development, ProSafeT

Capt. Guy Mouton, Sr. Manager LOSA, SMS, and Compliance, American Airlines

Mr. Dragos Munteanu, Assistant Director of Safety and Flight Operations, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Mr. Rama Myers, VP Aviation Product & Partnership, Seeing Machines

Capt. Harry Nelson, Chair, Flight Safety Foundation International Advisory Committee (IAC)

Ms. Prisca Nkolo, Manager, Airport Operational Safety and Data Management, Airports Council International (ACI)

Capt. Conor Nolan, Chair, Flight Safety Foundation Board of Governors

Mr. Martin Plumleigh, Aviation Leader and SMS Manager, Boeing Digital Solutions and Analytics

Mr. Jason Ragogna, Flight Safety Foundation International Advisory Committee Member and Director of Corporate Safety, Delta Air Lines

Dr. Dieter Reisinger, B767 Captain, Austrian Airlines

Mr. Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director, Airlines for Europe (A4E

Ms. Nancy Rockbrune, Head, Safety Management, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Mr. Pasha Saleh, Director, Flight Operations Strategy and Innovation, Alaska Airlines

Mr. Mark Searle, Global Director of Safety, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Dr. Peter Simpson, Global Head of Safety and Security, Standard Chartered Bank

Dr. Robert Steffen, President, International Society of Travel Medicine Foundation РProfessor Emeritus, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute, University of Zurich РAdjunct Professor, University of Texas, School of Public Health

Capt. Steve Stowe, President, Aircraft Certification Experts, Inc.

Mr. Tay Tiang Guan, Deputy Director General, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

Dr. Julia Behrend, Head of Safety Research, Air France

Mr. Alexis Cléré, Project Manager for Innovation in Humanitarian Aviation, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Dr. Misty Davies, Deputy Project Manager, NASA System Wide Safety

Dr. Kyle Ellis, Associate Project Manager, NASA System Wide Safety

Mr. John H. Koelling, Project Manager, NASA System Wide Safety

Dr. Lance Prinzel, Senior Technical Advisor, NASA System Wide Safety

Mr. Mark Millam, VP Technical, Flight Safety Foundation

Mr. Hassan Shahidi, President & CEO, Flight Safety Foundation

Ms. Deborah Kirkman,
Associate Director, Advanced Aviation Systems, Flight Safety Foundation

Ms. Gretchen Haskins, Member, FSF Board of Governors, and Board Director, HeliOffshore

Mr. David Anderson, Managing Director, BARS Program, Flight Safety Foundation


Dr. William Valencia, Aerospace Medicine Resident, University of Texas Medical Branch


Dr. Michelle Hong Chan, Aerospace Medicine Resident, University of Texas Medical Branch


Mr. Christopher McGregor, Flight Safety Officer, ATR


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