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About the BARS Program

About the BARS Program

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Many resource sector companies rely on contracted aircraft for a number of support activities including, most importantly, the movement of company personnel. The aircraft supporting these activities range from small single-engine helicopters to transport category jet aircraft, utilized in a variety of challenging environments.

The BAR Standard was developed from an industry-identified need to establish a common global aviation safety audit protocol that could be applied to on-shore resource sector aviation support activities. It is a risk-based model framed against the actual threats posed to aviation operations, particularly those found in challenging and remote environments. It directly links these to associated controls, recovery and mitigation measures, as opposed to the outdated prescriptive format previously used within the industry.

The BAR Standard provides a consistent audit model that allows member resource companies to share in the audits of operators all of whom have been subject to a consistent standard of audit.

The BARS Program is also ideally suited to any organization that uses aviation to support its activities. These include government and humanitarian agencies.

Together with additional tools provided to BARS Member Organizations, the BARS Program is a complete package to assist organizations with the management of their aviation risk and provides contracting companies with the level of safety assurance required by their respective organizations.




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