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About the BARS Program

About the BARS Program

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Many organizations rely on the use of aviation to support their activities including the movement of company personnel. The aircraft operators used for these services range from those that provide dedicated contract support, on demand charter or regular passenger transport services. The aircraft used for these services range from small single-engine helicopters to transport category jet aircraft.

The BAR Standard was developed to meet an identified need to establish a common global aviation safety assessment and audit protocol.

It is a risk-based model framed against the actual threats posed to aviation operations, particularly those that occur within challenging and remote environments. It directly links these threats to associated controls, recovery and mitigation measures as opposed to outdated and prescriptive formats previously used within a number of industries.

Whilst the program was originally developed to meet the needs of the mining and resources sector, it is also used by other organizations that use aviation to support their activities. These include government and humanitarian and other aid agencies.

The items reviewed during a BARS Audit are referenced and mapped to various sources such as the ICAO Annexes, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and other authoritative material making it applicable to a broad category of aircraft operations.

Together with additional risk assessment tools, the BARS Program is a complete package to assist organizations with the management of their aviation risk and provides users of aviation support with the level of safety assurance required by their respective organizations.




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