2018 Technical advisory committee (TAC19)

Date: 17- 18 May 2018

Timing: 0900-1600 Hours

Location: Brisbane, Australia

  • BARS Program Operational Update, data analysis and QA

The BARS Program Office (BPO) presented a detailed BARS Program operational update including BARS Audit Review Meeting overview, Program Office report and data analysis and provided a review of all current BARS documentation/Standards.

  • TAC Charter Objectives review

TAC Members reviewed the TAC Charter objectives for 2018 and took the opportunity to discuss future tasks, the deliverables and agreed on new objectives for 2019.

  • BAR Standard Version 7 update

TAC Members provided a high level review and endorsed key changes to the BAR Standard Version 7. Members also took the opportunity to discuss the RPAS Standard Version 2 update and incorporated future deliverables as part of the 2019 Objectives.

  • TAC Membership

It has been recognized that the BARS Program has grown to reach a wider audience of interested parties. BMO’s discussed extending the membership of the TAC beyond the core model and acknowledged a new category of BARS Membership recognized as an Affiliate.

  • Safety Video development

TAC Members shared their ‘Top 3’ safety subject areas to address and agreed on a pathway to move forward in producing three safety videos. The first safety video (in draft format) is scheduled to be presented at TAC20 in November 2018.

  • Accident and Incident summary

The BARS Program Office presented the 1Q2018 quarterly accident and incident summary relating to the contracted aviation sector.  TAC Members discussed the significant value of this report and identified key areas to enhance future reporting.

  • BARS Safety Alerts

A recap of all the BARS Safety Alerts released in 2017 were presented and TAC Members acknowledged the value of Safety Alerts as an important communication tool between the BARS Program Office, BMO’s, Audit Companies and Aircraft Operators.

  • BAR Standard – Aerial Dropping and Firefighting update

TAC Members were presented with a World Food Program video highlighting the remote locations, complexity and operational use of Aerial Dropping.

Aerial Dropping as a discrete appendix is scheduled to be included in the BAR Standard version 7 release.

Aerial Firefighting remains in draft format with further discussions and socialization of the document planned for 2018.

  • Other items listed and raised for discussion included:

The effective incorporation of BARS Program Stage 2 design and the reflection of this in the BARS Contract Technical Schedule templates, Aviation Security in the contract environment, evidence based training programs, Fit for Flight aspects in contracted/charter aviation, and resource sector exposure to Marine Pilot Transfer (MPT) and their associated risks.