2018 Technical advisory committee (TAC20)

Date: 14- 15 Nov 2018

Timing: 0830-1600 Hours

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

  • BARS Program Operational Update, data analysis and QA

The BARS Program Office (BPO) presented a detailed BARS Program Operational update including BARS Auditors Meeting overview, BPO report and data analysis and provided a review of all current BARS documentation/Standards.

  • BARS development and TAC Charter objectives

TAC Members discussed BARS Stage 2 rollout and audit streams, reviewed the TAC Charter objectives for 2019 and took the opportunity to discuss future objectives for 2020.

  • BAR Standard Version 7 update

BARS Standard version 7 was released in May 2018, TAC Members discussed translation requirements, the recent release of the BARS Implementation Guidelines (BIG) version 7 and the RPAS working group provided an update to the RPAS Standard in support of version 2.

  • Safety Video development

TAC Members were presented with the ICMM critical controls video, this initiative was developed in partnership with the ICMM and was funded through the contributions of BHP, Newcrest, Freeport, Anglo Gold Ashanti, QBE and Newmont. The link to the video can be found here.

  • TAC Working group updates

The TAC facilitates four working groups. Each working group had the opportunity to present their progress, action plans, key milestones and working group deliverables to the TAC.

  • Accident and Incident summary

The BARS Program Office presented the 2018 YTD quarterly accident and incidents summary relating to the contracted aviation sector.  TAC Members noted that while none of the recent incidents were associate with BARS Registered Aircraft Operators the sector is predicting an increase in incidents due to the growth in aviation utilization and discussed how as a group the TAC can learn and improve safety in the aviation sector

  • BARS Safety Alerts

A BPO re-presented all of the BARS Safety Alerts released during the last 12 months including the recent Dynamic rollout during hoisting and/or external sing load operations. Through the support of the BMO’s the BPO will continue to provide BARS Safety Alerts to BMO’s, Audit Companies and Aircraft Operators.

  • Key discussions TAC20 discussions covered many aspects of the BARS Program including Aviation Safety Leadership, developing small Aircraft Operators, RPAS operations, safety education by video messaging, wildlife hazard management, gravel runway operations, fire hazards with PEDs as well as the Pilot shortage and the impact on contract aviation. We also worked with two of our BARS Registered Operators to gain their operators perspective on risk management in the contracted aviation space.