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Business Aviation Safety Summit 2021


The Business Aviation Safety Summit (BASS) is a forum for the business aviation industry to meet in a collaborative environment to identify safety concerns, devise approaches to reduce risk and implement initiatives to improve safety. The summit, organized by Flight Safety Foundation, in partnership with the National Business Aviation Association covers safety, training, practical solutions, management, human factors and other issues for every segment of the business aviation industry.

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2:00 p.m. EDT

A high-level overview of the issues currently impacting the business aviation community. Topics to include the current COVID-19 recovery thinking, a look at the most concerning safety issues, future rules around safety management systems, training requirements, and international issues that will be discussed at ICAO this year.

MORNING PROGRAM:  10:00 – 11:30 a.m. EDT

SESSION 1:  BUSINESS AVIATION ACCIDENT TRENDS – CAN WE IMPROVE?  An overview of business aviation accident trends and a look at if improvements to a stable system are possible. This will also include an accident investigation case study with NTSB.  

SESSION 2:  LEADERSHIP – COCKPIT DYNAMICS     An expert in safety leadership will discuss self-examination of ego in the cockpit, CRM, and crew harmony.

AFTERNOON PROGRAM:  2:00 – 3:30 p.m. EDT

SESSION 3:  OPERATOR EXPERIENCE – MANAGING A CRISIS SITUATION    Learn about two different inflight crisis situations from the crews who experienced them. The session moderator will lead the group through a discussion beginning with a description of the inflight emergency, and how the crew responded. They will look at how training and experience played a part in the outcome, strategies for crew cohesion and mission execution, and more.

MORNING PROGRAM:  10:00 – 11:30 a.m. EDT

SESSION 4:  MEDICAL REGULATORY UPDATES   A top medical expert will address topics that include new processes introduced as a result of the ICAO CART process, what can be expected as vaccines are rolled out worldwide, international quarantine requirements, evidence of latest variants in the virus, the use of medical certificates and vaccine passports, and other medical regulatory issues.

SESSION 5:  MEDICAL – HEALTH AND WELLBEING   An interactive discussion on the health and wellbeing of flight crews today.

AFTERNOON PROGRAM:  2:00 – 3:30 p.m. EDT

SESSION 6:  SMS PROGRAMS   An expert panel discussion on SMS Programs.  

SESSION 7:  DATA ANALYTICS   Presentations will look at data gathering and analytics from employee reporting integrated with flight data monitoring and assessment. Look at what we are learning about business aviation from programs like ASIAS.

AWARDS AND CLOSING   Presentation of the Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award and closing remarks.

Year in Review and Business Aviation Safety Performance Trends – An in-depth review that looks at the past twelve months, as well as longer-term business aviation safety performance trends.

Runway Excursions and GAPPRE – A look at what items in the recent Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions (GAPPRE) are applicable to business aviation.

The Latest in Training Programs – A look at the latest in training programs. This will address what we are learning from evidence-based training programs, making effective use of simulator time for pilots, and building programs to train for learning styles and generational differences.

Cybersecurity Risks in Business Aviation – Advances in technology have improved the safety and efficiency of business aviation in many ways. However, increased reliance on digital tools in the cockpit, flight department and the companies that support business aircraft operations also place aircraft and passengers at increased risk. This will look at the vulnerabilities and safeguards that can be used today.


Any aviation professional involved in flight operations, or those with safety functions and decision-making from:

  • Safety in Design
  • Manufacturing 
  • Training 
  • Maintenance 
  • Operations 
  • Regulation 


  • Get updated on the latest safety initiatives and developments in flight operations.
  • Hear from perspectives of international aviation experts on leading safety challenges and issues.
  • Discuss the latest safety initiatives and challenges with other aviation safety professionals.
  • Learn about new technological developments that can enhance flight operations safety.
  • Network with aviation safety peers from the international aviation community