November 7-9, 2022 | Atlanta, GA U.S.

IASS 2022 in Atlanta Georgia

International Air Safety Summit 2022 Agenda

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Today's general session is sponsored by: AIRBUS



Conference Welcoming Remarks

Keynote:  Billy Nolen, FAA, Acting Administrator

Risk in Review - Accidents and Current Risk Picture

Morning Networking Break

Session 1 – Working hard to meet travel demands
Fatigue risk management systems have been around for quite some time. Are they working as expected given recent stories about pilot shortages?


Session 2 – The science of human factors and how it informs safety
Human factors is sometimes called the science behind designing equipment and processes.  How do we build the shared body of knowledge about the principles of human/machine and work processes?

Afternoon Networking Break

Session 3 – Building a safety culture and keeping it strong
Is your workplace culture promoting a strong safety culture?  How do we tap into the mindsets, attitudes and behaviors of employees, managers and owners to know for sure?

Closing Remarks

Awards Dinner
Open to all IASS attendees. Details to come.

Today's general session is sponsored by: American Airlines


Breakfast - Sponsored by:  Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions

Opening Remarks

Keynote:  Ed Bastian, Chief Executive Officer, Delta Air Lines

Session 4 - Post pandemic approach to aviation and safety operations
After almost three years can we say the pandemic is over and things are back to normal?  If not, is there a new normal for how safety is managed?

Morning Networking Break

Session 5 – Safe integration of advanced air mobility (AAM)
The world of drones and autonomous operations is making progress.  Do we have the data we need to manage safety at levels that are better than traditional aviation?  Where is it going to come from?

Lunch - Sponsored by: Boeing

Session 6 – Assuring aviation ushers in safe sustainability
You buy your airline ticket and the website mentions the carbon impact before you purchase your ticket.  As safety managers are we ready to implement sustainability enhancements safely? Do we even understand the risks?

Afternoon Networking Break

Session 7 – Implementation and evolution of SMS programs
Implementation of safety management systems was rooted in flight operations at the airline.  It’s now expanded to many operational areas and beyond the airlines.  What’s working well and what’s not where its being adopted?

Closing Remarks

Networking Cocktail Reception - Sponsored by: Pratt & Whitney
Open to all IASS attendees. Details to come.

Breakfast - Sponsored by:  Boeing

Opening Remarks

Session 8 – Landing safely and safely stopping on the runway
Approach and landing has long been noted as the most hazardous phase of flight and runway excursions are still the top accident category.  What will help the industry make real progress in this area?

Morning Business Break

Session 9 – Getting pilots prepared for the rigors of flying – What do we measure?
Traditional pilot training has taken a task-based approach while a competency- based approach looks at essential competencies.  Do we have consistency in what these essential competencies are and how to evaluate?


Session 10 – External threats to aviation safety
Despite the industry’s best efforts to improve aviation safety, there may be  outside attempts to disrupt operations or changes introduced to the environment that cause unsafe conditions.  What are they and how does the industry protect itself?

Afternoon Business Break

Session 11 – Providing a deeper understanding of safety data
Safety reporting and flight data monitoring are among the programs used to share a better understanding of risks.  What do they tell us and what are some other methods for analysis?

Closing Remarks

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