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Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Cover Story, Unmanned Aircraft

Fire Traffic Control

Unauthorized UAS flights near U.S. wildfires — about 33 in 18 months — pose untenable risks for air and ground responders.

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Loss of Control–In Flight (LOC-I), Flight Training

Brave New World

FAA simulator requirements enable acceptably realistic recoveries from full stalls and upsets in commercial jets.


Rescuing Search and Rescue

Recent missteps in accident response have fueled calls for global reorganization of SAR.

Accident Investigation, Causal Factors, Safety Oversight

Lack of Restraint

The 747 freighter was doomed when a massive military vehicle broke free in the cargo hold.

Fitness for Duty, President's Message

Shared Responsibility

Aviation safety is both an individual and a shared responsibility. The decisions and actions of…

Editorial Page

Focus on M&E

Airbus forecast in July that $1.8 trillion will be spent on commercial aviation maintenance, repair…

Safety Briefs

Safety News | July–August 2016

Ice-Protection Alerting The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), citing a fatal 2014 crash that…


EASA Outlines Key Safety Risks

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) member state (MS) operators of commercial air transport (CAT) airplanes…

Accident Investigation, On Record

‘Flight Level Two Hundred’

Confusing clearance placed a business jet on a collision course with mountains.