June 7-8, 2023 | Brussels

Safety Forum 2023
Safety Forum Award Nominations

2023 Safety Forum Award Nomination Form

 Flight Safety Foundation and the Foundation’s European Advisory Committee are seeking nominations for the 2023 Safety Forum Award, which recognizes individuals whose work directly enhances operational safety. Past recipients have included industry leaders, technology designers and developers, champions of training and safety awareness, and researchers whose findings were especially relevant to operational safety in aviation.  


The award is presented annually in conjunction with the Safety Forum, which this year is scheduled for June 7‒8 at EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels. The event is organized by the Foundation’s European Advisory Committee, EUROCONTROL and the European Regions Airline Association.

2023 Nominations closed: April 24, 2023


The Flight Safety Foundation Safety Forum, hosted by EUROCONTROL, is presented in partnership with EUROCONTROL and ERA, powered by SKYbrary.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Cancellation policy

Due to the low registration cost for this event, there are no refunds.


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