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Radiation Exposure

Organizations differ in their approaches to limit crewmembers’ exposure to radiation.

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Helicopter Safety


Mishandled autorotation, mis-rigged throttle control tie rod assembly cited in Schweizer 269 crash.

Safety Regulation

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The NTSB focuses attention on safety in Part 135 operations

Aviation Medicine

Simulating Medical Emergencies

Realistic training would help crewmembers and medical personnel handle in-flight emergencies, researchers say.

Safety Briefs

Safety News | February 2019

Improving Security in Digital Communications The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and a nonprofit internet security organization plan to work together to develop a framework for secure digital communications, ICAO…


Building on a Trend

FSF BARS data show a slight rise in 2018 aircraft accidents in flight operations in the worldwide resource sector.

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Aviation Safety Events | February 2019

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